Advisory Services

Funnel Metrics offers advisory services to clients who want to assess the performance of their sales team using our proven methods and techniques, including our unique FunnelocitySM best practices and tools. Advisory services are broken down into three categories:

Sales Management Advisory Services

The scope of Sales Management Advisory Services is to provide high level assessment and coaching support for executive management teams who would like to adopt improved Sales Management methods and techniques. This could be in preparation for a full engagement, or may be utilized to validate and improve upon current practices.

Sales Optimization
We attend sales calls and presentations with your sales team over a 30-day period. After attending and observing several sales calls, at different stages of the sales process, we make recommendations for improvement based on our Sales Assessment.

Sales Monitoring

We provide a quarterly assessment to review progress in key sales performance metrics and individual rep productivity progress quarter to quarter. We make specific recommendations for productivity improvements based on our quarterly reviews.

Funnel Due Diligence

We participate in funnel assessments, forecasting reviews and new sales investment discussions with your management team. Funnel Metrics will perform extensive funnel drill down sessions with your management team. We assist corporate leaders in assessing the real health of the funnel, through validation and by using our FunnelocitySM modelling tool. Let us peel back the onion and assist with the tough funnel questions.

Venture Capital and Private Equity Advisory Services

As experienced executives who have participated in and developed early stage businesses, Funnel Metrics’ partners are familiar with the unique needs of the investor community to gain insights and receive additional support within a portfolio.

To enable value to Venture Capital and Private Equity firms that desire an expert outside review of a portfolio business, Funnel Metrics offers specialized advisory services designed to support and address investor objectives. The scope of our Sales Optimization, Sales Monitoring and Funnel Due Diligence services can be built around one or more portfolio companies. Using our advanced tools and methods, we deliver the same level of support for a portfolio of businesses to help investor firms assess the health of their team’s sales efforts.

Post-Engagement Advisory Support

A critical aspect of every project effort undertaken by Funnel Metrics is to assure “stickiness;” that is, ensure that the methods and tools instituted during a Funnel Metrics client engagement are fully adopted by the client’s sales team. Adoption proves to be a critical challenge for most sales teams. It’s easy for teams to lose momentum or to fall back into old habits when new techniques don’t immediately produce the intended results. Change Management is key to ensuring that the team remains resolute and disciplined in their efforts to adopt the new process.

To address this issue, Funnel Metrics proposes as part of each engagement our Post-Engagement Advisory Support Services. The scope includes Sales Monitoring and Funnel Due Diligence over a three to six-month period to ensure the sales team is properly adopting and progressing with the methods and tools. This also provides Sales Management with additional coaching and mentoring support as they deal with the various change management challenges that occur in a post-implementation environment.

“Michael literally built from scratch Yesmail’s 60-person sales team. His leadership and disciplined processes rapidly produced outstanding results and led Yesmail to a leading position in a very competitive market. Many of the sales personnel trained by Michael have gone on to be successful sales executives and CEOs.”Dave Tolmie, former CEO of Yesmail
advisory services
“As CEO of Donlen Corporation, I hired Michael in a consulting capacity to review our sales team performance and drive an initiative to increase sales productivity and consistency across the team. Michael’s analytics based approach forever changed the way we managed our sales process resulting in improved sales performance and accelerated company revenue and profitability.”Gary Rappeport, former CEO of Donlen, a Hertz Company


Donlen, A Hertz Company