Sales Recruiting, Certification & Compensation

Are you having a hard time finding the right salespeople? What about your management team? Are you confident in your new hires? Learning how to effectively and accurately identify people for competency in sales is crucial. Do you know the specific qualities you should be seeking in a salesperson? Are you asking the right questions to determine if they are the best fit for your organization’s culture?

After you’ve identified your best candidates, how do you get them onboarded and ensure their longevity? Sales, by its very nature, is competitive. So it’s no surprise that the competition in the sales industry to attract and retain top-performing professional sales talent is tough. Therefore, developing an effective sales training model and monitoring progress is critical to long term retention.

Have you developed a new hire training and assessment model? Do you have experience in developing motivational compensation plans (that also keep the CFO happy!)? Do you reward high-performers? Are you supplying the internal support and structure necessary to foster both individual and team success?

Funnel Metrics® gives you the tools to identify new hires that have the potential to develop into future superstars. We offer blueprints for training and ways to define, communicate and measure progress. The outcome from our engagement will allow you to build a dynamic and competitive sales team, one that thrives on accountability and is motivated by a compensation plan that rewards profitable new client growth and customer retention.

Interviewing & Hiring

Funnel Metrics will share best practices for locating and hiring the best candidates for your organization.

Key Deliverables May Include:

  • Identifying high quality candidates
  • Building hiring profiles
  • Creating behavioral-based Interview questions to identify top performers
  • Validating hiring candidates’ performance
  • Defining quality onboarding processes
  • Recognizing a sales “superstar” during hiring
  • Attracting top sales talent

Territory Plan Development

Territory ownership means more than simply accepting a quota assignment. Salespeople must take responsibility for all aspects of managing their territory, which includes prospecting and developing prospecting plans, hitting activity metrics, building appropriate funnels and keeping abreast on the dynamics of your industry and competitive landscape. The Funnel Metrics philosophy is that each salesperson should manage their territory like running their own business. The Territory Plan is a critical roadmap for measuring business development progress in your territory.

Successful clients have been using this type of tool for years and it has made a huge difference in salespeople taking true ownership for the overall development of their territories.

Key Deliverables May Include:

  • Defining the territory and potential
  • Establishing goals and objectives
  • Analyzing quality of existing sales funnel
  • Defining territory action plan
  • Defining territory marketing plan
  • Defining resources required for success

Compensation Plan Development

Building motivational sales compensation plans is crucial to attracting and retaining top talent.

Key Deliverables May Include:

  • Defining plans for selling long term annuities
  • Defining plans for one-time product sales
  • Creating plans for inside sales teams
  • Creating sales management plans
  • Defining quotas, base salary and target income development

sales recruiting, hiring new salespeople

New Hire
Sales Certification Program

Why wait six to nine months only to find out your new hire simply does not have what it takes to succeed in your competitive marketplace? Tracking weekly new meeting activity or monthly quota performance is important, but those numbers alone simply don’t reveal the success or failure of a new hire.

Funnel Metrics has created a sales certification model, that will quickly and scientifically identify specific selling skills/attributes that need attention during the critical 6 months from a salesperson’s start date.

Our new hire certification model measures and tracks progress on as many as 50 different selling variables which get ranked in terms of importance to your unique selling environment. Our model includes basic training benchmarks, elevator pitch, territory plan development, presentation skills, objection handling, behavioral attributes, internal & external communication skills, accountability, execution, follow-up and weekly/monthly/quarterly performance metrics.

Our sales certification model is customized for each selling environment and specific industry. Our sales certification model has been implemented by our founder at several different companies and industries including software, corporate travel and insurance.

Performance Improvement Planning

The Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) is used in conjunction with our certification model for documenting individual sales rep performance. The PIP is a key tool for managing underperformers and working with them to improve their sales performance. Implementing a formal PIP process will help document all areas that need attention and with a specific plan and timeline for improvement. In addition, the PIP framework will help with HR discussions if performance does not improve over time.

Sales Motivation & Teambuilding

Funnel Metrics understands the important roles motivation and recognition play in building a winning sales force.

Key Deliverables May Include:

  • Building an annual recognition/quarterly program for top sales performers
  • Developing a Sales Awards Ceremony
  • Creating motivational presentations for awards, sales kick-offs, etc.
  • Incorporating teambuilding events and programs

building a winning sales force through sales recruiting, motivation, and teambuilding