Sales Management Consulting

Are you hitting your numbers?  Are you achieving the results you know you should be achieving?  Do your Reps know what they need to do to be successful?  What changes should be made and what improvement can be expected?

There are hundreds of sales consulting firms that promise to make your company better.  As Vice President of Sales, admitting you need help is not easy.  If you do, what company should you choose to ensure your success?

Funnel Metrics sales management consulting services are different.

Like most good consulting firm, we start with an assessment of your sales organization to get the full picture.  Our approach is ‘Rep Centric’.  Once we understand both quantitative and qualitative attributes of your most successful Reps, we work with you to create a scaleable model to institutionalize within your organization.

Funnel Metrics will help you to answer the tough questions:

  • Do you know how many dials/emails are required by a sales development rep (SDR) to speak with one contact?
  • How many contacts must your SDR speak with in order to generate one qualified lead for your outside sales team?
  • Do you know if the number of people contacted to generate one qualified lead is significantly different for each SDR?
  • How many qualified leads are generated and passed to outside sales each month?
  • What is your Lead to Qualified Funnel Opportunity conversion rate by rep, by team?
  • Do you know which lead campaigns generate the highest conversion rates to a qualified funnel opportunity?
  • Are you measuring length of sales cycles for qualified opportunities, by rep?
  • Are you measuring sales stage variances which could be lengthening the sales process?
  • Do you currently track win rates by region, by product or by rep?
  • Do your salespeople know how many new qualified opportunities they must add each month to their funnels to achieve quota, based upon their individual win rate and average deal size?
  • Do you know each salesperson’s individual win rate, length of sales cycle and average deal size?
  • Are you analyzing each rep’s funnel on a monthly basis to ensure they have enough activity to meet their quarterly quota objectives?

If you can’t easily answer the questions above, we can help.

Key Deliverables May Include:

  • Sales Assessment & Recommendations
  • Rep Centric KPI development
  • Lead Generation
  • Hiring profiles, compensation, territory planning
  • Sales Rep Certification
  • Sales Process & Funnel Development
  • More rapid and precise sales forecasts
  • Sales Management Coaching
Optimizing sales funnel velocity


  • Measures lead programs, activity & process
  • Measures overall sales process
  • Quickly detects funnel problems
  • Improves forecasting

Though ongoing lead generation is critical, improving sales productivity is not just about feeding the funnel. The Funnel Metrics solution offers metrics for measuring the velocity in which prospects move to qualified opportunities, and from qualified opportunities to a customer and beyond. Sales management must have the proper metrics in place to monitor performance, identify anomalies and quickly adjust to productivity issues. Moving a lead through the funnel in the least amount of time, with the highest conversion rate, is the ultimate goal.

Measuring, tracking and reporting on key trends, by sales process stage, from prospect through customer acquisition is what Funnel Metrics can help you achieve. Not only will you have the necessary information to help you monitor sales productivity and forecast more accurately, but as CSO, you will gain invaluable insight on your sales team’s individual productivity so you can ensure they have the tools, training, and motivation necessary to succeed.