Sales is a Science
All aspects of the sales function should execute against measurable analytics, well-organized, step-by-step processes and follow established best practices. As your consulting partner, Funnel Metrics® works with your leadership team to independently audit the health of your sales organization. The results of this audit will lead to specific recommendations for increasing sales performance and efficiencies.

Time is Money

Funnel Metrics delivers all of its solutions rapidly by following a proven, time-tested implementation methodology. All of our solutions are deployed in an organized manner, with discipline and rigor. You don’t want to wait months for recommendations and results, and with Funnel Metrics, you won’t. Funnel Metrics comes to the table with a proven diagnostic and deployment methodology. This enables us to quickly discover the key bottlenecks and missing links to unlock more sales success in your organization. With an experienced set of eyes and an organized step-by-step approach, Funnel Metrics can come in and begin making a positive impact in days and weeks, versus months and years.

Experience is the Key
Our diagnostic and solution deployment methodologies have been developed by our founding principals from over fifty years of combined experience. Funnel Metrics principals have run sales departments and driven significant revenue growth across a number of industries. We have hands-on experience with coaching and training and can provide customers with industry-specific customized solutions to achieve sustainable top line growth and revenue predictability. We execute within a tight schedule with deliverables and milestones measured and achieved along the way.

With Funnel Metrics’ implementation methodology, not only will you have the necessary information to help you monitor sales productivity, forecast sales performance more accurately, and identify crucial Key Performance indicators (KPIs), but you will gain this invaluable insight into your sales team – enabling you to ensure they have the tools, training, and motivation necessary to succeed, on time and on budget.

proven sales methodology


  • We use an accelerated approach for the diagnosis and deployment of our solutions.
  • We are experienced in communicating goals so key decision makers have clear expectations for deployment timeframes. We set the bar for the “no surprises” approach – executives will be on-board before rollout occurs.
  • We use project management tools to balance schedules with resources. Delivery is paced, meeting all timelines and milestones.
  • We offer pre-defined workshops and agendas to provide necessary communications throughout the organization.

How we work


Simply put “seek to understand before being understood.” Whether we perform a comprehensive sales operational assessment or a simple discovery session, our goal is to rapidly diagnose bottlenecks and issues keeping you from being more successful. We look at the company, culture, sales people, targets, messaging, sales process and metrics throughout the organization to ascertain “what is” from “what should be.” Clients often know the problem areas and we can hone in with laser focus to rapidly provide solutions. As CSO, today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday. It is critical for an advisory firm to be able to see clearly and make recommendations that lead to quick action.


After diagnosis, we will deliver a complete set of recommendations to match your specific needs. Funnel Metrics commits to a collaborative approach and our recommendations will reflect client priorities and established budgets. Our proposals will include discrete pricing and engagement timelines. We will present our ideas to executive teams, soliciting client feedback. Work will not begin until there is complete agreement on the scope, budget and timelines for all proposed solutions.


Solving problems swiftly and elegantly is something that requires detailed experience from seasoned professionals. Funnel Metrics provides advisors who have been in the trenches with deep execution experience. When we define and develop a series of plans and execution tools to solve agreed upon problems, you can be assured that they are tried and tested solutions that have withstood the test of time to optimize results in today’s world.