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Funnel Metrics begins every advisory engagement with an assessment of the existing sales organization to get an overview of the sales environment and identify opportunities for improvement. This 360° business analysis involves everything from analyzing sales metrics to interviewing staff, evaluating existing processes and reviewing sales policies and incentive plans.

Many sales organizations already have internal assessments in place but bias, competition or simply a lack of time and resources can limit the effectiveness of these inside evaluations. Our external assessment allows us to bring an unbiased and experienced perspective, along with the ability to offer benchmarks against similar firms. Our objectivity allows us to pinpoint exactly where misalignment in the sales process is occurring.

We can observe the sales culture and get a read on what reps are thinking. We can impartially assess existing processes against industry best practices. And most importantly we use our analytics to offer intelligence against industry averages to confirm our findings. Our ability to rapidly assess issues and recommend solutions is an invaluable asset to leadership teams who are already pressed for time.

“I had the privilege of working with Michael from 2004-2005 at Travelport/Orbitz for Business and found him to be a highly dynamic sales executive who consistently over-delivered on his sales commitments. As a leader, Michael exudes passion and wonderfully marries analytics with value selling. He is simply a catalyst for growth and transformation.”Kurt Ekert, former EVP and Chief Commercial Officer at Travelport. Current President & CEO of CWT
sales audit

Key Deliverables May Include:

  • Assessing company and product knowledge
  • Examining target markets
  • Reviewing buyer personas and messaging
  • Evaluating sales funnel metrics
  • Aligning incentives by product line
  • Reviewing sales compensation plans
  • Observing sales organization structure
  • Reviewing sales processes and execution
  • Reviewing corporate and sales team culture
  • Performing individual team member analysis

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