Salesforce CRM Consulting

Is your configuration of Salesforce delivering all that you hoped?

Just like rebooting a computer, sometimes the best way to get the ROI you need from Salesforce is to do a reboot.  Funnel Metrics consultants have been in your shoes.  As VPs of Sales we’ve considered all options from in-house configuration to the use of consulting firms.  While in-house expertise can be limiting, not all consulting firm are alike. 

Choosing a partner that has VP of Sales experience coupled with Salesforce technical knowhow will ensure your success.  Engage Funnel Metrics to optimize your instance of Salesforce and create the user experience you require. 

Each engagement starts with a Salesforce Productivity Assessment.  Funnel Metrics will perform an assessment to understand your current situation, create a GAP analysis and recommend specific improvements that may include:

Key Deliverables May Include:

  • Data Migration – migrate existing databases in order to eliminate time consulting data re-entry.
  • Salesforce Integration – seamlessly connect your Salesforce instance to any app or solution that your organization already uses to facilitate access to information, remove redundancies, and automate time consuming activities.
  • Automate Territory and Account Management – updates and notifications will help your reps interact with leads and customers.
  • Visibility into Funnel – Projections and visuals will reveal insight into your company’s sales funnel and reps and management to adjust strategies.
  • Upgrade to Salesforce Lightning – Salesforce’s redesigned interface makes Sales Cloud easier to use and access the latest features. Funnel Metrics can guide your company through the migration and provide necessary training.


  • Better experience for your Reps
  • Key stroke reduction
  • Automate Rep tasks
  • Integrate systems
  • Automate Management Tasks