Funnel Metrics Reporting & Dashboards for Salesforce CRM

Most Salesforce consulting firms efficiently implement your request into the report or dashboard that you specify.  The question is, are these firms implementing meaningful reports, and do they have the expertise to determine the business value of those reports to your sales organization?

Few Salesforce implementation consultants have advisors that have the depth of experience that comes with being a Vice President of Sales, Sales Operations or Sales Enablement leader.  Funnel Metrics has the strategic insight to take your request, assess the current situation, and develop a relevant reporting and sales management solution that aligns with your goals. 

Sales Cloud is more than just tracking leads and opportunities.  Funnel Metrics has designed customized Reporting, Dashboards and enterprise specific Data Metrics that unlock actionable insight into the behaviors of your sales representatives and organization.  The result gives you better information, makes you smarter in your sales assessment, and ensures sustainable growth. 

Funnel Metrics® partners with your leadership team to independently assess the health of your sales organization. The results of your assessment will lead to specific recommendations for reporting requirements designed to increase sales team performance and provide actionable metrics within your instance of Salesforce.

Sales Cloud Experience

  • Identify and implement KPIs that determine actionable strategies to improve sales performance
  • Meaningful Reporting and Dashboards based on Funnel Metrics custom reporting Data Objects
  • Updating your sales process so that reporting and management tactics align to produce better results
  • More accurate forecasting based on objective measurements of sales performance and funnel analysis
sales process development
“Michael’s expertise enabled us to identify and measure the critical milestones in our underwriting, quoting, and sales process. The disciplined approach to managing our funnel led to greater transparency in our revenue forecasts and a much higher success rate across our sales team. Michael’s approach was novel in our industry.”Susan Clarke, former CEO of AIG’s Accident & Health Division